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N2 vs Noipfraud

You may have heard already, but we released a new platform that has been in beta testing and limited release with our larger customers for 2 years.

We opened it for all our Noipfraud customers earlier this year.

What is N2?

N2 is a completely new product, developed from the ground up, to include address some aspects that were missing in Noipfraud due to limitations of the PHP architecture it was build on.

N2 is a compiled application like Nginx, so considerably faster then applications build ontop of php & apache. It also has a build in webserver so there are no server dependencies to install or break.

n2 provides:

  1. single dashboard
  2. distributed nodes
  3. funnel tracking
  4. noipfraud filtering
  5. content proxying

You can read more about n2 here. The members section of the docs is not available unless you have an N2 account.

What are the cost of N2

N2 and Noipfraud cost work out the same on average. But N2 offers more flexibility, and you do not need to pre-buy your click credits.

N2 and Noipfraud are separate products and separate subscriptions. If you dont need both you dont have to signup for both. Signup for what you use.

N2 can be used as just a tracking & content proxying product with the base plan.

If you need Noipfraud type Fraud Detection filtering, then you will also need the FD addon.

Click usage is charged restrospectibely at the cheapest rate based on volume when your subscription renews.

More information about the N2 charges are here.

How to signup for N2

To signup there is a link in your help dashboard at the top of the right hand sidebar.

This link will expire automatically each week - beause N2 is only available to our Noipfraud customers.

How is N2 different from Noipfraud

The follwing sections give an overview of the differences and similarities between Noipfraud Classic (the php client), and N2 + Fraud Detection Addon.

Please see below a summary comparison of the similarities and differences.

Noipfraud Classic is the legacy PHP based self hosted client. This is referred to as Noipfraud in the below comparison. Where we refer to N2 we mean N2 with the Fraud Detection add on.


What are the setup requirements ?


What technologies does each service use?

Campaign Management

How are your campaigns managed?

Content & Detection

What content & detection features are there?


What tracking features are there?


To what extent can things be automated?

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